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Conference Call Company Highlights for CanadaOur company utilizes Multi-Link System 70 & 700 digital bridges co-located in three ILEC mega centers throughout Canada and the United States. We currently have 12,000+ ports of capacity and we try to never exceed more than approximately 60% available capacity during the busy hours so you will never have a busy signal.

We always have available capacity for reservationless, unattended conference calls. Our carrier quality network consists of call routing through multiple Points Of Presence (POPs), and long distance carriers with an OC-48 SONET Ring to protect all of our traffic. For disaster recovery, our facilities are also protected by back-up diesel generators; ensuring 24x7 connectivity, 365 days a year.

We provide a Meeting Planner to you for personalized attention who can advise you of all your options, monitor your calls, and follow up to insure successful conference calls.

All Conference Calls are monitored electronically to insure immediate response in the event any difficulties arise. An operator is always available 24/7 on all of your calls simply by dialing *0

We offer customized billing for every account to allow you to indicate a specific cost cent code, client file, or project which is relative to each individual conference call, to help your billing department allocate costs to the appropriate cost center within your organization.


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